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Grace Waggoner
Middle School Principal


The MISSION of Northridge Middle School is to empower ALL students to reach their fullest.  

WE invite everyone to work together to create a positive, energetic and caring learning environment for students. 

WE teach to meet the needs of students to provide an educational experience that fosters growth.  

WE believe in our students and staff. 

WE believe in our core values: 


Collaboration, Trust, Respect, Leadership, 

Accountability, Integrity and Communication


Northridge Middle School provides an educational experience for students that empowers students learning and provides a well rounded educational experience.   


A few pillars to our school day include: 


Block Core Classes (60 minutes)

Increased instructional time for Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies.  Services provided for student focus groups including Gifted, Special Education and Title.    


Electives (60 minutes):  

Band, ChoirComputer Discoveries, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Art 1 & 2, Health, Physical Education, Plant and Animal Sciences, Chinese and Spanish.  Note: Choir and Music will take place during the Discovery period and will occur all year on alternating days. 


Viking Period (30 minutes)

Vikings Period is a Seek and Assist period where students can check in with teachers for additional academic support.  Interventions and individualized support will take place during Viking Period. Teachers may also cover organizational and study skills during this class period.  Academic extensions and programming will also be available. 


Discovery Period (40 minutes):  

Discovery period is a student exploration class at the end of the school day.  This class period is designed to allow students to dive further into a subject area of interest or explore new opportunities of learning.  Student engagement, guided learning and collaboration are the focus of this class period. The Discovery Period will also include an academic and behavioral intervention time.  Students who may not be meeting academic or behavioral expectations may be placed in an intervention period to provide additional support to students.      


Discovery Options: World and Local Issues, Student Leadership, Advanced Art, STEM Challenge, Financial Literacy, Real World Media, World Sports, Strength and Conditioning, Wellness and Responsibility, Film Studies and History of Rock and Roll.    

Please reach out to the main office if you have any questions or concerns 740-967-6671.  




Grace Waggoner

Principal, Northridge Middle School  


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