Director of Student Services

Michelle McJessy
Director of Instructional Services


Michelle McJessy

6097 Johnstown Utica Road
Johnstown, OH 43031

(740) 966-3277
(740) 967-5022 - Fax


Jamie Bingham
Secretary to the Director of Student Services
(740) 967-6631, Ext. 311
(740) 967-5022 ~ fax


Child Find

Child find is the process of locating and evaluating children, ages 3-21, who may have disabilities and may be eligible for special education and related services. Both state and local education agencies have a responsibility under federal and state law to conduct child find so that children who need special services have the opportunity to receive those services. Parents, teachers, public and private agency employees and concerned citizens are encouraged to help the Northridge Local School District locate children who may have disabilities and who may be eligible for special education and related services. If you are aware of a child who may have special needs, please notify Michelle McJessy, Director of Special Education at (740) 967-6631, Ext. 312,  or her Administrative Assistant, Jamie Bingham, at 740-967-6631, Ext. 313 or

Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement

The State of Ohio, the Governor, the Ohio Department of Education, and other state-level defendants to a class action lawsuit have reached a proposed settlement and have requested our District's assistance in informing students and parents of the proposed settlement. A link to the settlement is below. To be clear, our District is not a defendant in this lawsuit and is not accused of any wrongdoing in this lawsuit. We are sharing this information as a courtesy to the Ohio Department of Education and our community: Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement.