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Technology Coordinator



Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts
Director of Technology
Office: 740-966-3271

Educational Technologist/ Technology Director, teaching, training, and maintaining the technology: giving staff and students opportunities to learn and grow.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Do you need help with getting affordable internet? If so, please keep reading!

With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on November 15, 2021, the EBB program transitioned to the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) effective January 1, 2022. ACP is a permanent program and will expand on EBB, but it comes with changes in eligibility and benefits.

Summary of Benefits/Changes:

• The monthly benefit is now $30/month.

• Eligibility is being extended to those households with an income that is at or below

200% Federal Poverty Guideline (EBB’s threshold was at 135% of poverty guideline).

• Current EBB recipients eligible under the ACP guidelines will automatically transition

to the $30 benefit March 1, 2022.

• Households can select the service they want from participating providers.

• Households that lose their EBB benefit due to ACP eligibility changes will need to

reapply. Their benefits will be discontinued sixty days from December 31, 2021. ISPs are

not required to notify them of the termination of service.

The RemotEDx Connectivity Champions have been assisting families from all over Ohio with the EBB application process, and they will continue to assist them in the transition to the new program. The need for affordable internet for students continues to be paramount in today’s learning environment and teaching strategies.

HAVE QUESTIONS? NEED HELP? Contact us. Contact the Connectivity Champions directly:

1) webform at,

2) email or text at, or

3) phone at 844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446).

Technology in the Northridge Local Schools

Northridge Local School District started a 1 to 1 technology initiative in 2018 and is designed  to prepare students for the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow. We are excited to provide technology for each student in the school so that education can be changed to meet the needs of all students.
Students in Grades 6-12 will be assigned a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year. With parental approval Grades 6-12 they will be able to take the Chromebooks home and use them. It is our expectation that each student will have access to technology in the daily classroom and at home. By providing the device at no cost, each student can have access.

These devices are purchased by reducing the number of textbooks, grants and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership on all devices.  Technology is the an essential part of your child’s future. Many of our jobs now require technology skills to be successful; their jobs will require even more skills and use of technology to get a good job.  We want all students to be successful with their skills so that it can help them be successful in school.  They are really closely tied together and any costs that equip out students with skills, success and their future must be made.  We have crafted a finely controlled budget so that we can continue to do this for students.

Cyber Security is an escalating issue for homes, businesses and schools.  No login information or password information should be requested or given in emails.  No company will request that information from you in that form, even if the email looks real, simple delete it.  Giving your information or clicking on unknown links can cause you to lose your privacy and lose money and data.  This problem will continue and we will have to use our common sense to not follow the wrong process. We are looking at the latest technology and engaging the Administration and Principals in making sure that it meets the needs of our curriculum and also is a “best fit” for our students. Quality learning does not happen by accident; it must be planned and focused on the learning targets to get the right results.

Learning should not be limited to a location, schedule or finances.