Plan for Progress (PFP)

The Plan for Progress (PFP) presented its findings and recommendations to the Northridge Board of Education. The community-led group, which has been meeting for nearly two years, has developed a roadmap for the future of our Northridge Schools. The goal of the committee was to recommend a plan that would ensure our schools offer a high quality education while operating in an efficient manner.

The committee conducted extensive research and analysis of the district’s finances and academic plan, and learned more about facility needs. The committee reported that the current state of our elementary and middle school learning environments were holding our students back from reaching their full potential. Not only do they lack modern learning space, but it has also become extremely costly to maintain our nearly 100 year-old Alexandria Primary building, which is not the best use of our taxpayer dollars.

Based on these findings, the committee recommended that the board of education consider closing the Alexandria Primary building, renovate the middle school, and construct a new Prekindergarten-6th grade building. This plan would consolidate all schools onto one campus – to be located by the current high school and middle school property.

Through the construction of new schools and renovating the middle school, the district would eliminate the Intermediate School trailers so that students can attend class in traditional classrooms, provide modern learning spaces that are needed to prepare students for today’s world, and upgrade building security.

Thank you to the many staff members, residents and parents that were part of this important process. The committee worked hard, was exhaustive in their research and knows how important our schools are to the community.

The board of education will now review their findings to figure out how to best proceed financially, including the possibility of a ballot issue in November of 2016.  We will keep you informed as the process continues to move forward.