5th Grade Biome Project

The 5th grade students have been learning about the world’s biomes in science class. A biome is a specific ecosystem that is characterized by the plants, animals and climate of that region. The students focused on learning about the six main land biomes: deciduous forest, desert, tropical rainforest, taiga, grassland and tundra. For their final unit project, the students were asked to research a biome of their choice, type up the information in a paper, create a visual representation and present the information to the class. In their research paper, the students needed to include information about the location, climate, plant adaptations, animal adaptations, possible food chains and environmental concerns/solutions of the biome. Additionally, students could choose how they wanted to present their project. Some students chose to present their information in a Power Point, whiles others created posters, dioramas, or travel brochures. Overall, the students put forth an amazing amount of effort and creativity! Please feel free to admire the variety of student work!