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The Northridge Local School District is the pride of the community, serving approximately 1300 students in the district’s four buildings:  Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High School.  The Primary houses grades K-3, Intermediate grades 4-5, Middle School grades 6-8 and High School grades 9-12.  The district is 137 square miles, which includes areas of Licking, Knox and Delaware counties.


Empowering Students at Northridge . . .




At the high school level, Northridge offers a challenging and comprehensive curriculum taught by 26 certified teachers, 66% of whom hold a master’s degree or higher. Five teachers hold adjunct instructor status through local community colleges and teach college courses to our students during the school day.

Of the 115 seniors in the Class of 2018, 24 students attend full-time programs at a career/vocational training center. Of the 91 remaining seniors, 60 are enrolled in dual credit college courses. Six seniors are attending college full-time on campus at one of our higher education partner schools (Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OSU-Newark, Central Ohio Technical College, Columbus State Community College, and Mt. Vernon Nazarene University), and nine attend part-time on the college campuses.

Northridge High School Diploma requirements include 21 credits, as follows:
 4 English
 4 Math (through Algebra 2)
 3 Science (including physical and life sciences)
 3 Social Studies  (including US History and US Government)
 ½ Health
 ½ Physical Education
 ½ Digital Literacy
 5½ Electives (including financial literacy and fine arts)
 Additionally, Ohio students are required to earn a minimum of 18 total points on seven end-of-course assessments in Algebra 1, Geometry, English/Language Arts 1 & 2, Biology, US History, and US Government. Tests are each scored 1-5 with 3 being “proficient.”

Northridge offers college writing, communication, and literature courses to students at their earliest point of college readiness. The Social Studies department features two college level US History courses and a college Sociology course, “Cultural Diversity.” Our Math department can provide two years of Calculus instruction for high achieving students, as well as College Algebra. The Science department offers Chemistry II, Advanced Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology. Students taking foreign language can tackle Spanish from beginning level through Spanish IV, or learn Chinese I-III from a native speaker/teacher who is hosted locally through an exchange program with China. Northridge’s Music department offers both curricular and co-curricular options, including instrumental, voice, and theatrical performances and competitions, as well as music history and theory classes. The Northridge Art department often sends 2-3 graduating seniors on to reputable postsecondary studio art programs. Our rural location ensures that the animal and food science courses offered by our Agricultural Education department remain popular with many students. Finally, students can earn dual credit and industry credentials through our Computer Information Systems program.

Grading/Ranking Procedures

Grading is based on a 4.0 Scale.  Student transcripts prior to 2019 indicate a weighted GPA on a 4.33 scale. To compute GPA on a weighted 4.0 scale, multiply “CUMW” GPA on student transcript x .9238. Northridge course grades are valued as indicated in the table at the top right of this page. Class rank is cumulative and is computed at the end of each semester; weighted GPA is used to determine rank.


Weighted courses include:
 All college courses in the subjects of English, math, science, history, foreign language, social & behavioral science, classics
 Honors English 9 & 10
 Honors Physical Science; Honors Biology; Advanced Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; AP Chemistry; Chemistry II
 Calculus 1 & 2; Honors Geometry
 Spanish IV; AP US History

Performance Data

Currently, the top 5% of the Class of 2018 has an average ACT composite score of 29.33, and the top 10% has an average of 27.08. With the advent of Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program in 2015, which funds student participation in college courses on both high school and college campuses, our AP program has been steadily replaced— often by the college courses an AP course was intended to replicate. Statewide, CCP participation by high school juniors and seniors is ~15%. At Northridge, that participation rate is higher than 50%. Moreover, Northridge students participating in CCP coursework have consistently maintained a pass rate of 96-97%.

College Attendance History

The Northridge High School Class of 2017 chose the following post-secondary pathways: 41% four-year college, 25% two-year college, 10% military enlistment, 24% workforce. Top students in the Class of 2017 accepted admission to the following universities: The Ohio State University (Columbus), Marymount Manhattan University, Kent State University, the University of Dayton, and Ohio University Our 2017 graduates also matriculated to OSU (Newark), Bowling Green State University, Otterbein, Columbus State Community College, Central Ohio Technical College, Wright State University, West Virginia University, Marshall University, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the University of Toledo, and the University of Akron.




Northridge is an OHSAA, Class AA school and offers varsity athletics in 10 boys’ and 10 girls’ sports. Students can participate in marching and concert band, two show choirs, and a spring musical production. Northridge students enjoy a variety of clubs, National Honor Society, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Students, Color Guard/Winter Guard, Newspaper, Yearbook, Quiz Bowl, Ohio Model United Nations, Future Farmers of America, Buckeye Boys and Girls State, CampMed, Free Enterprise Academy , and Licking County’s Youth Leadership Council.  The Northridge Academic Boosters volunteer support and supervision for academic endeavors such as Ohio Model United Nations, Mock Trial, and Science Fair, to name a few.