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Background Checks for Volunteers

Thank you for your support of Northridge Schools. We appreciate our volunteers who help make the district a great place for students to learn and grow.  In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we require background checks for our volunteers.

Volunteering in the classroom, on field trips or for overnight trips requires a background check within the last 3 years.

Below is the list of Background Checks for Volunteers:

Volunteer at the Elementary, Middle or High School building(s)- Raptor completed at the building office
Volunteer for a day field trip - Complete the BIB background check (listed below)
Volunteer for an overnight trip - Complete the BCI/FBI background check (Background Check)


Northridge Schools Volunteer Background Check Information

We have partnered with Background Investigation Bureau, BIB, to provide a more efficient and less costly way for our parents to complete the background check process. Click the link below to start the process, the background check requires your submission of personal information, your driver's license number and payment in form of credit card.


Completed online BIB but lost card? - If you are already an approved school volunteer who has a lost their card, please Click Here To Have Card Replaced. You do not need to go through the BIB background check process unless it's been more than three years.